This is a blog by Robert Grossman.

He is the Managing Partner of Open Data Group, which he founded in 2002. Open Data Group provides management consulting and outsourced services focused on analytics.

Grossman is also the Director of the National Center for Data Mining (NCDM) and the Laboratory for Advanced Computing (LAC) at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). The Lab and Center perform research, sponsor standards, manage an international data mining testbed, and engage in outreach activities in the areas of data mining and data intensive computing.

He has been involved in several open source projects, including the development of the network protocol UDT, which is designed to support large data flows over wide area networks, and the Sector system, which is a cloud designed for data intensive computing.

He has also been involved in the development of standards, including the Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML), which is a standard for statistical and data mining standards. More recently, he has been involved in the development of standards for cloud computing through the Open Cloud Consortium (OCC).

Robert Grossman became a faculty member at the University of Illinois at Chicago in 1988 and is a Professor of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science. From 1984-1988 he was a faculty member at the University of California at Berkeley. He received a Ph.D. from Princeton in 1985 and a B.A. from Harvard in 1980. He has had a half time appointment at UIC since 1996.

He is also an Associate Senior Fellow at the Institute for Genomics and Systems Biology (IGSG) at the University of Chicago.

Prior to founding the Open Data Group, he founded Magnify, Inc. in 1996. Magnify provides data mining solutions to the insurance industry. Grossman was Magnify’s CEO until 2001 and its Chairman until it was sold to ChoicePoint in 2005. ChoicePoint was acquired by LexisNexis in 2008.

He has published over 150 papers in refereed journals and proceedings and edited six books on data mining, data intensive computing, Internet technologies, high performance computing, high performance networking, business intelligence, e-business, and related areas.

More information, including many of his papers, can be found at his web site: www.rgrossman.com.

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